Thun Venern


A sustainable environmental investment

We have, together with partners of the Gothia Tanker Alliance, built the next generation Intermediate Product/Chemical Tankers with LNG/LBG propulsion. The vessels are being built at Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding Ltd, where eight have been delivered and one is under construction.

The vessels’ design, developed by FKAB together with Furetank, has special focus on minimal impact on the environment, with close to 50 % reduction of CO2 emissions. The vessels fulfills the Tier III rules, have dual fuel/LNG/LBG propulsion including LNG/LBG in port consumption, LNG/LBG for inert gas production, power production with floating frequency, battery backup (UPS) for all vital functions to minimize use of auxiliary engines, installed ballast water cleaning system, ice class 1A and Alternative Propulsion System.

Thun Venern is commercially managed by Furetank Chartering in the Gothia Tanker Alliance. The photo above is taken from when the vessel visited Stockholm for her naming ceremony, promoting the vessel’s sustainable design and highlighting modern shipping for politicians and groups of interest.

We in Erik Thun have always had a high focus on cost awareness and resource efficiency that translates into modern environmental care. Having built the worlds first dry cargo vessels that uses LNG as a fuel is an example of that. Therefore we are convinced that these vessels will contribute to provide the best logistical and most environmental friendly transport solution to our customers– Anders Källsson, CEO Erik Thun AB

Thun Venern details:
Deadweight                         17,999 tons
Cargo capacity                    20,306 m3
L.o.A                                          149.9 m
Beam                                            22.8 m
Draft                                               9.4 m

Thun Venern information sheet (Swedish)

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