About us

Thun Gemini och Thun Lidkoping

Thun Tankers – part of Erik Thun Group

Thun Tankers started as a company in November 2012. The owner of Thun Tankers, Erik Thun Group, however is by no means a newcomer in tanker industry. In 1952 the company obtained its first tanker and since then the company has used its experience to continuously develop and tailor make modern tankers based on its customers requirements. Over the years Erik Thun Group has grown to become a major player in the North European tanker market. Today we in Thun Tankers operate 18 small vessels of which 14 are fully owned and 4 belonging to our close partner Wisby Tankers. We also have 6 intermediate size vessels in trade.

Together with our partners we have a high ambition to add value to our customers by offering sustainable and efficient cargo transport solutions. With many sister vessels to choose from we can offer reliable logistics with vessels in the right position at the requested time.

MF Shipping Group – Ensuring quality

mfglogoMF Shipping Group takes care of the quality, technical and crewing management of our owned vessels, a cooperation that goes a long way back and that we are very satified with. MF Shipping Group was founded in 1994 and today manage a fleet of about 50 vessels providing business for 50 office and 1,000 onboard employees.

Wisby Tankers – A close commercial partner

wisbytankWisby Tankers is a close partner to Erik Thun Group since many years. Wisby started up as ship owners in 2001 when they acquired their first vessel. Today the company has more than 300 employees onboard and ashore, managing around 13 modern vessels, from small coastal tankers to MR and LR1. Our cooperation in the small segment started in 2009 and together we believe we can strengthen our business offering.

Gothia Tanker Alliance – Increasing excellence together

Together with the Swedish ship owner Furetank we have created a marketing cooperation, Gothia Tanker Alliance, in order to widen our offering and increase the alternatives for our customers, please read more at www.gothiatankers.com.