• The most environmentally friendly tanker vessel in the world visited Stockholm >>

  • The first NaabsaMAX tanker successfully launched! >>

  • Thun Empower succesfully launched – the fourth vessel in a serie of energy efficient and sustainable tankers. >>

  • Welcome our new intermediate vessels! The L-class fleet is now delivered. >>

  • We are part of Gothia Tanker Alliance, offering high quality ships in different sizes. >>

  • “I’m a fan. The G-ships have proven very reliable. Everything works on them, all the time, even in this intense trade.”
    – Frank van der Elsen, master onboard the G-class >>

Thun Tankers – a game changer in coastal shipping

Our vision has always been to be best in class and recognized by our customers as the industry leader by providing safe, sustainable and cost efficient cargo transport solutions that are second to none through innovative design based on our long term experience.


Fleet List

We commercially operate 18 small tanker vessels, own additional 6 intermediate size vessels and have 1 new-building on order.

About us

About us

Thun Tankers is part of the Erik Thun Group, a family owned company founded in 1938.


Our Philosophy

We have a high focus on cost awareness and resource efficiency that translates into modern environmental care. We consider sustainability in everything we do, from vessel design to daily commercial operations.

In one year our transported quantity is equal to 142,000 tanker trucks standing in line from Hamburg to Istanbul