Embracing the future – building on experience from the past; Evolved design with focus on Efficiency and Environmental care.

For us, the in-house knowledge has been key when developing future efficient and sustainable transport solutions. For decades we have designed increasingly economic and fuel efficient quality ships. Long term customer relationships have enabled us to build and develop tailor made ships that meet our customers’ demands and the E-class vessels are a good example of that. The vessels are a further evolvement of Thun Tankers’ existing G-class fleet and focus on efficiency, environmental care and customers’ needs has been essential when developing the new vessels. The vessels are built to the absolute latest design meeting and often exceeding existing and forthcoming regulations. The E-Class vessels are being built by Scheepswerf Ferus Smit B.V. in the Netherlands, with whom we have a close and long standing relationship, the yard have previously built more than 30 efficient quality vessels to Erik Thun. 

All four vessels have been delivered, Thun Eos, Thun Evolve, Thun Equality and Thun Empower, trading mostly in Scandinavian waters for long time charters. One of our customers, the oil company Preem, who has a high ambition in reducing emissions, has together with Gasum initiated a new bunker blend with 10 % biogas, meaning Thun Evolve now runs on LNG blended with renewable LBG, something that reduces the emission even further. Please read more about that in Preem’s press release (in Swedish) >>.

“We in Erik Thun have always had a high focus on resource efficiency that translates into modern environmental care. We are convinced that these vessels will contribute to provide the best logistical and most environmental friendly transport solution to our customers”
– Anders Källsson, CEO, Erik Thun AB

” This series of new tankers will continue to provide our clients with the dynamics of always having climate smart high quality tankers in the right position at the requested time.”
– Joakim Lund, CCO Thun Tankers

” We always strive to meet our customers’ various demands with sustainable solutions. With this order we intend to further extend that offer by building a series of identical sister ships where some uses LNG as a fuel and others don´t.”
– Johan Källsson, Deputy Managing Director, Erik Thun AB

E-class details:

Deliveryfrom 2018 to 2021
Cubic (98%)9,500 m3
Ice Class1A
Cargo Heating Yes
LoA115 m
Beam15.8 m
Draft6.9 m
Coatingchemical and vegoil resistant.

 Environmental features:

  • Dual fuel main engine with LNG/LBG as optional fuel.
  • Fuel efficient hull design with eco canoe bow design.
  • Ballast water treatment.
  • Water lubricated stern tube.
  • Fitted for receiving land electricity.
  • Propeller fitted with nozzle ring for better fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced noise levels both under and over water.
Emission picture

Read more about the E-class in our folder: Thun Tankers E-class

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