News archive from 2023

Launching of Thun Resource

Last Friday, November 10, we had the pleasure of naming and launching the Thun Resource. She is the first of six ordered product tankers in our new Resource Efficiency Class-series,  being built by Scheepswerf Ferus Smit BV with delivery from 2024 and onwards.

The vessel was named by Godmother Ulrika Hamill, a representative of Nynas AB. Upon delivery, the Thun Resource will be technically managed by MF Shipping Group and enter into a five-year time charter to Nynas AB. Find out more by reading our press release and watch the movie.

Resource efficient tankers

Last week we announced the order of four 7999 mts dwt tankers. The ordered “Resource Efficiency Class” vessels are an addition to the two previously ordered sisters, extending the series to six identical coastal tankers. Focus on resource efficiency, environmental responsibility and logistical reliability has been key in the design process.

The six ordered ’R-class’ sisters will be built by Scheepswerf Ferus Smit BV in the Netherlands with delivery from 2024 and onwards. Please find out more in our press release.